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Groundswell MMA 

Welcome to Groundswell MMA, the Mid-Atlantic’s premier martial arts facility and a beacon to the national martial arts community.

We strive to provide the highest level of insightful, targeted training through our experience and environment— providing our students with tools and lessons to grow, thrive and to create an unwavering level of self-respect. We build students that are confident, yet humble and altogether a better version of themselves through teaching martial arts in Frederick, Maryland. We’re attentive to everyone of all skill levels and ages and provide a sense of belonging because we truly do care about their journey.

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Groundswell MMA

About Us:

Groundswell: rising water caused by seismic force and activity.

Groundswell MMA is the force that uplifts our community and encourages individuals to be the positive force of change. Our experienced, technical training is paired with an environment based on respect, camaraderie, and friendship. This combination builds strong, confident, and well-rounded martial artists. The cohesive programs and quality instruction we offer makes Groundswell MMA well-equipped to train athletes of all ages, skills, backgrounds, and goals. As a supplement to our technical expertise, our environment is inclusive and inspiring towards everyone’s training journey.

Our History:

Groundswell MMA owner Zach Davis oversaw The Fort Mixed Martial Arts for eight years, providing the community with premium martial arts training. This opportunity was a great chance to build a reputation amongst the local community and they succeeded by winning the 2021 and 2023 Best of Frederick award. With the established pedigree, supportive student base, and impeccable training, Zach and Courtney, a husband/wife team; wanted to make significant changes in order to build even stronger leaders and positivity affect Frederick, Maryland as well as the surrounding communities. They were methodical and took time to transform The Fort MMA to Groundswell MMA in 2022 where the team continues to instill leadership skills, pride, and virtue in every student.

Why It Matters

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Groundswell Mixed Martial Arts is ready to provide both eager beginners and confident, seasoned athletes with the best training regardless of their age or experience.

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Through our martial arts classes, you will not only strengthen your body, but your mentality as well.

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Our coaches are well-equipped to provide you with top-notch, technically sound training.

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The uplifting environment you’ll find at Groundswell MMA will provide you with a new sense of self.

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Revel in your success and progress after dedicating hard work and time towards your goals.

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Groundswell MMA

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