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Last Chance to Sign Up for Our Summer Camps!


Groundswell MMA Summer Camp at Groundswell MMA

Groundswell MMA is THE PLACE for kids to be this summer! If you’re looking for an opportunity for your kids to put down the screens and be ACTIVE, you are in the right place. Kids love summertime at Groundswell MMA!

Here are just a few skills you can expect your kids to learn and develop at Summer Camp: Physical Skills, Mental Agility, Emotional Resilience, Discipline and Respect, Self-Confidence and Self-Defense Skills.

Our first camp is less than one week away, so sign up today before it is too late! Your kids will thank you!

Groundswell MMA A Few Details About Summer Camp

The school year is winding down and the summer fun is ramping up. It’s almost time for the Groundswell MMA Summer Camp and our registration is open. Our Spring break edition was a huge hit, and we will be taking it up a notch during our three Summer Camp sessions.

• Session 1: June 17-21

• Session 2: July 8-12

• Session 3: July 29-Aug 2

A couple details to help you know what we have in store for the kids:

• Camp will run 9am-4pm Monday through Friday.

• Camp is $499 for the week.

• We will provide snacks throughout the day (and pizza day Friday.) In the interest of parents’ nutritional choices, we ask that all kids bring lunch. If your child has an allergy, please email us so we can ensure there are no issues.

• We will provide a camp T-shirt. On Monday we will tie-dye the shirts. Please have your child wear this shirt for the remaining days of the week. The tie-dye shirts help us stay as a group during our activities and create a sense of unity amongst new friends.

• Master Zach and Courtney Davis will be transporting children for our field trips. Please provide a booster seat if your child requires one.

Groundswell MMA About Groundswell MMA

Groundswell: rising water caused by seismic force and activity.

Groundswell MMA serves as a beacon of positive change within our community. Our seasoned instructors skillfully blend technical expertise with an environment deeply rooted in respect, camaraderie, and friendship.

Through this unique fusion, we forge martial artists who transcend mere physical strength. Specifically, confidence and well-rounded abilities define our students. Our cohesive programs cater to athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and goals. To that end, whether you’re a beginner embarking on your journey or a seasoned practitioner seeking refinement, Groundswell provides quality instruction to elevate your skills.

Our biggest goal here at Groundswell MMA?

Ensuring your kid's success.

At Groundswell MMA, we are passionate about martial arts training. Our staff cares about the personal development of each and every one of our students, and is here to guide you as you go through your martial arts journey.